Review by Marcela on 11/10/18. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 9 out of 10.


The weather was chilli, one of the rooms had open window and was therefore very cold. Heating worked fine, just the first impression was somewhat unwelcoming.

For cozier feeling in the rooms: some wall art, no matter how modest and small, will avoid a very spartan and “prison-cell-like” impression.

We needed a roll-in bed. It was provided (thanks), however with a cotton waffle-style blanket instead of comforter in duvet. Why? Upon request you gave us the comforter, thank you

Bedding excellent (comforters enclosed in duvet covers - great !) Euro-style, much more comfortable and hygienic than a comforter between two loose flat sheets.

Excellent cleanliness !

Bathroom - hand held shower head , with a holder so it can be either stationary or movable - please. Easy reach to all body parts, easy for the maid to clean the walls.

Bathtub was not draining water.


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