Review by Bradley on 5/17/18. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 10 out of 10.


I was in room #27. The room was very nice, comfortable and very clean! 

 I experienced a "water noise" that seemed to be coming from the room above, or from the Eastern (adjacent) wall (next to my bathroom. I tried to identify the source but never could quite locate it.

 To be quite blunt, it sounded like someone "relieiving themselves in the upstairs bathroom".......but it went on all night long? Maybe there is an aquarium in the room above? I did NOT make this issue known to anyone at the office, because it was such a steady thing and I knew there were people upstairs (I could hear them walking) so I figured it was supposed to be happening?

 It was only a minor annoyance, but other that, I was very pleased. Like having a "cabin out in the woods"!

 Thank you,



Maybe a 2nd ice-maker at another location in addition to the main office building?