Review by Whispermom on 3/29/18. Posted via TripAdvisor. Rated 5 out of 5.

This was a quick stop in order to attend a funeral. How I wish it was a chance to spend a few days relaxing in this special little spot in the woods!

 First of all there is not a single row of cookie cutter motel rooms which look depressingly alike. Little groupings of pretty cottage like building, maybe three rooms here, four over there, gives you a nice sense of privacy. Our "room" was up a little hill and in the back. It was spotless, homey and beachy all at once. No indoor/outdoor carpeting here. Nice "wood" flooring, soothing decor and comfortable beds greeted us, along with an indefinable scent of cleanliness!

 Better yet, the equally charming office presents breakfast each morning. Not an ordinary breakfast. There were two crockpots, one with a red potato hash browns, the other with real scrambled eggs. A selection of breads for toasting. Coconut milk, and almond mild. A fresh tasting mixed berry juice. Coffee and decaf, a selection of teas, all just... nice.

 I must add that the staff was cheerful and helpful. I would like to thank Melissa for her company at breakfast and her extra effort to accommodate our needs on this brief stay.