Review by Leanne on 5/21/18. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 8 out of 10.


When I arrived, the place was pretty empty and there was some construction going on right outside my room, so my initial impression was "uh-oh." A little explanation that the work would be wrapping up and what to expect when would have alleviated that concern. The person at the desk was very pleasant and helpful both initially and throughout my stay.

 Staff were very responsive to my needs and special requests (extra hangers, fixing squeeky door hinge, etc.) The door to the room did not close properly (had to slam it to get it past the strikeplate) which at first resulted in my leaving the door unsecured until I realized what was going on--not a good feeling to come back to the room and find the door open. That and the squeeky hinge were both things that housekeeping should have noticed prior to my visit and reported for maintenance, so maybe some training is in order. I'm not sure if it's a new practice to not put a top sheet on the bed, but I had to make my own bed before crawling into it every night because the top sheet wasn't part of the bed makeup. It seemed weird to me to sleep directly under the duvet that maybe had direct contact with a previous guest.

 All of that said, these were minor issues. Overall, my experience was pleasant and comfortable, and I would stay there again.


Just that housekeeping should check to make sure everything in the room is working properly, and put the top sheet on the bed!