Review by Stforesta on 8/16/18. Posted via TripAdvisor. Rated 1 out of 5.

After having booked and received confirmation, arrived there we discover that our reservation had been canceled due to a problem related to my credit card, which I used for the whole trip without problems.I think that the very morning of our arrival they had sent me a e-mail telling me that they had problems with the card, without specifying that they would cancel the reservation. I respond to the email immediately, saying that I would provide another credit card upon my arrival. Not receiving an answer or sending another, which they do not answer. On our arrival the surprise !! We ask to give us another room, but at the beginning they tell us that there is nothing. After insisting, they give us the room. Obviously we pay immediately with a credit card, but do not warn us that the price would have been increased! I still ask for explanations of this, and at that point the "kind" hotel manager invites me to leave the hotel otherwise he would have called the police !!!

 Unhealthy !!! In many years of travel, I have never had such a thing!

 We were forced to leave, to find another hotel and above all we have not yet returned our money !!!