Review by Philip on 8/19/18. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 0 out of 10.


I have stayed at this Inn twice and the Inn in Kittery and experienced the identical unpleasant situation. My email exchange with the owner-operator Jon Jansen centered on the Inn's faulty billing practices, over-charging for room (twice), not correcting faulty room charge after having recognised the over-charge, and charging credit card after promissing to use it for "holding the reservation" only. Mr. Jansen considers that the guests are at fault because they fail to understand the Inn's policy. Seriously? Overbilling is the guest's fault?


Even though the Inn offers clean (albeit Febreese-heavy) rooms, I don't expect to return to an establishement where repeated faulty billing practices are not adressed correctly, nor promptly, but require guests to write, explain, repeat and prove their point. And once the Inn recognises their "billing error", the management considers it to be caused by guests' inability to understand simple reservation policy. I suggest management effect an internal review of staff competency to manage reservations, invoicing, guest services and communications. I witnessed firsthand a group of 4 guests having a most "lively" discussion with front desk staff on the exact same topic; they made little headway and were visibly dissatisfied.