Review by dougnsandys on 9/24/18. Posted via TripAdvisor. Rated 5 out of 5.

We are on vacation starting from Wisconsin, and traveling to Niagara Falls, with a goal of hitting as many New England states, and eating as much lobster as possible. Looking to go to Cape Cod, I looked up hotels on Trip Advisor. Trust me all of the reviews were 5 and 4 stars….only because 6 stars is not an option. The property is beautiful….bonus, wild turkeys hang around between the buildings and the woods. We got to our room and my wife melted, so cute, Quaint, and immaculate. We had planned on a 1 night pass through, but immediately booked for a 2nd night, and I think we’ll do a 3rd if available. This place is truly a gem, and a great value!