Review by Shayna Dunlop on 3/11/19. Posted via Google. Rated 4 out of 5.

For a motel this place is nice. The rooms have the feel of staying in a cottage. It is cozy and cute. The birds are chirping in the morning here. We can tell the place has had some renovations done. The rooms could use a little more decoration and color. Whoever did the paint in our room (10) missed some large spots and were so lazy they didn’t bother taking off hooks to paint under them. Instead attempting to paint around them leaving swirls all over the wall. If I had paid for this work I wouldn’t be happy anyway. But I digress, paint isn’t that important. I’m going to break down my review on a few different topics.

Travel with baby - one of the main reasons we decided to stay here is that they offered a pack n play for our 10 month old. We took her to a hotel before that gave us a flimsy metal crib and she hated it and didn’t sleep at all. The pack n play is such a wonderful thing to offer as most families have one for their little ones. It’s like having a peice of home without having to bring it. The baby was comfortable, played all day in it like at home, and slept comfortably through the night. This was most important to us.

Breakfast - Needs improvement here. While the display is cute I think some things need to change for food safety sake. I would have loved to have a big bowl of cereal when I woke up but the milk had a white ring with residue inside the container. This grosses me out when I see this since I feel like that milk had been sitting out for long periods of time at room temp. The milk sits on a thin metal tray that is no deeper than a cookie sheet with some ice. This barely covers the bottom of the milk and by 9am the ice is all but gone and I’m sure the milk is warm. I was happy to see they offered coconut milk as well but I didn’t dare try a bowl of cereal. Instead I went for some yogurts and a muffin. This muffin was the best thing tho! I’m not sure what k