Review by Melissa on 4/21/19. Posted via Rated 8.3 out of 10.


The location is great, close to but not on top of other properties or businesses. The sign was well lit to find in the dark as we arrived later than I expected (some places in this town are not well lit). It feels like an upscale camp w/ it’s decor and furnishings. The bathroom was clean and bright, w/ a small area outside for dressing, primping, etc. There was also a mini fridge, microwave & hot water pitcher w/ a selection of teas & instant coffee even though we brought our own tea. The large TV was wall mounted w/ an arm to bring it a little closer or to change the angle for viewing. The room also had a small table with two chairs, a cute accent chair and a bed. The king size bed had five feather pillows and one toss pillow. Bring your own if you are a side sleeper. We are here in the off season but there is a pool in the middle of the property near the office. We did not partake in the free breakfast as we were too lazy to go down to the office in the morning.


None of this was a deal breaker but the chairs at the table had loose legs (likely from someone dragging them across the floor repeatedly) and the floor was dirty. Not noticeably dirty but when you got into the all white bed linens and wondered how your feet got so dirty…this is why.