Review by Elaine on 4/22/19. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 10 out of 10.


I didn’t like the fact that you kept trying to put the entire stay on a credit card that got declined. Someone continued to try and put it through multiple times. I made it clear that I would pay cash on arrival. You emailed me about the declined card but I don’t always check my email everyday. A call to me would have expedited the resolution of the issue. I wasn’t aware that you “ preapprove” the entire stay on a credit card. The hotels I’ve stayed at might “pre-approve” or charge one of the nights. If I were to stay longer, I would not have that kind of available credit on any of my cards. Once I called, we agreed that you could “pre-approve” at least 1 night out of the 3. Upon arrival I immediately paid the bill in cash. We left the room in excellent condition and gave your cleaning staff a gratuity each day. It is a lovely Inn and if we ever come back to Cape Cod I would definitely stay there again.