Review by Kirsten on 2/15/19. Posted via Hotel Survey. Rated 7 out of 10.


When I called I specifically asked for a room with a tub explaining I have bad joints & the woman assured me it did. When we got there the woman came to our room to change out the TV remote b/c outs didn’t work & then the tub drain didn’t work. The woman at checkout was very quick & curse when I explained this & told me none of the tubs work & the woman I spoke to at che kin “must’ve just thought I wanted to know if it had a tub & not know whether it was working” & smiled & turned away from me. That upset me. Also we woke up to hearing the neighbors having sex (walls are very thin) & the heater turned off & on all night. No way to regulate fan or temp (just on or off) & it turns on & off all night so it kept me up all night